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vanities and love scenes' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
vanities and love scenes

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(1 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

[19 May 2003|02:33pm]
[ mood | content ]

totally new journal
totally new layout:


add it .. . because i won't be using this one anymore.

(3 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

[19 May 2003|11:30am]
[ mood | tired ]

alright .. . jon[forever] is GREAT! okay? yes!
he drew me up some stuff for my calves .. . and they're TOTALLY hot! i can't wait to get them done - seriously, it'll probably make me ten times cooler than i am now!

i had a good weekend. kevin and i went to ihop with john and adrie after the shop closed, and it was really nice to hang out with them again. it's been a while.
on saturday, lauren came down. she met kevin FINALLY! i can't believe it took so long for them to meet!
they went on a date, and then kevin brought her to see the shop. she likes it. and she likes john and adrie [of course]
we left after that, for k-vegas, where her parents live. i was SO tired & we didn't get there til 3am. but then we slept a LOT.
her parents took us to lunch, and then we went to winston to see my parents.
we saw tara on the way to my house, sitting in the door way of the head shop she works at, which no longer carries pipes. ha ha.
i love my mom so much, and i wish we could have stayed longer. i'll visit again soon. dan was nice also, which is crazy! and .. . he remembered lauren's name. i guess it just had to sink in, for about six years. ha ha.
after that - we venture to gboro!!
we were running totally late, and hit a traffic jam, and didn't get to little john's til after it was closed. so i didn't get worked on .. . but -oh darn- i guess i'll just have to visit again soon. i loved the shop!
lauren, jon, his friend rob, a girl rob works with, and nick [the piercer .. . yes anna!] & i went to eat sushi after lauren and i looked around and stuff. it was weird. because sushi is weird. but it was definitely fun to the maxx .. .

the only bad thing about the trip was how much i missed kevin.

(3 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

[17 May 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i talked to john yesterday.
he knew something was wrong, and i hadn't been acting right. i told him it just bothered me a pretty good amount, the other day when adam wouldn't let me tattoo everyone who came to get them [especially because i was told to get them all to come in] so .. . john didn't really understand, and i said - it sucks because i worked hard to get everyone to come in, especially from out of town .. . and john told me that he thought anna was the only one planning on getting tattood, and i told him that adam had told me to bring in four people.
john said it was really messed up [what went down] and that i definitely have a right to be upset. i can tell he kinda sees some of what i have to go through. i didn't tell him about the other stuff though [adam telling me i could never be an artist, and what not] but it's alright.
so .. . john wants to start doing tattoos on sundays again. he he.
the shop is closed on sundays, so we'll just go in whenever, and he'll be able to give me attention and i won't have to worry about other customers. it'll be so good to get back to tattooing.
and: i'm not sure about the tattoo restriction right now [since this is john i'm working with now, again. but i will find out.
and then: lemme know what you want!!!

in other news:
my soulmate [lauren g $] is on her way here right now. woot woot! we're hanging out later tonight, and tomorrow.
i might get tattood tomorrow. i hope!
and, kevin got his new lenses put in his new frames today! they rock.
also, he got me a ring. it's a purple heart. it is SO BLING BLING!

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[15 May 2003|02:18am]
[ mood | cranky ]

(14 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

[15 May 2003|12:00am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

dear adam:
thank you so much for giving me such a WONDERFUL apprenticeship - even though i'm supposed to be learning from john. i REALLY appreciate how you tell me it's my fault that i don't tattoo more, since i do'n' bring people in, and then when i do, and they come from out of town - you don't even let me do it! and yeah - that was rad how last week, you told me i had to get four people to let me do script on them, so i freaked out - but somehow found four people .. . and then you let me do ONE when THEY CAME FROM OUT OF TOWN!!!
and like .. . when i do script - it's awesoem that you make me use a 7 round .. . when i should be using a 5 .. . to get sharper edges. that rules .. . that you f*ck me over like that.
and i think my favorite part about the whole thing is when you tell me i can't draw, and that i may be able to be a tattooist, but never a tattoo ARTIST. you really know how to get me. and i think it's cool that you want to help me by giving me really dumb chores to do. i mean - it would be insame for me to draw, or .. . TATTOO!
your additude rocks too, man, i love it. you are so nice to everyone .. . even when they don't bend over backwards for you. seriously. i think you're the nicest person ever .. . and not a bit greedy.
i hate you,

ps: why don't i just quit? whoever said i was talented anyway?
i feel sorry for all those people who like what i do .. . and want me to draw for them. they must be freaking blind.

here are some examples:

dear kendra, kristyn & caroline:
i'm so so sorry .. . i had no way of knowing it would go like that .. . at all.
i hope you guys know that.

okay - time for me to go kill myself because i'm worthless.

(2 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

arrrowed! [14 May 2003|10:43am]
[ mood | excited ]

okay so .. . the deal is: the axil in the fox DID in fact brake .. . and that's why the clutch went. so i guess those amazing guys are all THAT bad. i'm still bitter though.
so .. . i have to dish out another couple hundred bucks for that. isn't it great being TOTALLY broke?

i'm tattooing anna, kendra & kristyn today. and maybe caroline too.
i'm excited. i did one the other day - but that whole situation leading up to it sucked .. . horribly. i'm not even going to talk about the shop right now .. . because most of you have heard the crap.
but anyway .. . i'm excited about tattooing these girls. i wish i could do it more often.

most of you have also heard about my "problems" with some of my tattoos. i don't know what to do .. . it'll be a while before i do anything anyway .. . so it doesn't really matter. but it still sucks.

i've drawn up the roses i want on my wrists. i think jon[forever] is going to do them for me soon. he's a rad guy .. . even if he won't be nice to me in front of kevin. he he.
so yeah .. . hopefully little john's is open on sundays, and jon works .. . so i can make the trip on my days off.

cheer leader: "hey guys, how ya lookin'?"
so&so & the ugly one: "sooo good!"
what'sherface: "ookay! i mean, sooo good!"

(2 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

i have a secret [12 May 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so .. . the convention was cool.
kev won 3rd place for black&grey tattoo. yey kev!
i met jonny[forever] and he rocks. i hope we get to hang out mroe than never.
i got a new purse, and some amethist [sp?] plugs, and a hello kitty tshirt. and kev got a belt. it has mud flap girls on it. it's hot.
my plugs are 2s though - and i'm only at four. it makes em sad.

i saw anna the other night, at the show, and i'm excited about her, kendra, and kristyn coming on wednesday. and caroline too [of course!!] super excited!

okay - so here are the pictures:

kev's award.

it freaking owns. i know.

bad kitty.

cocoa & dino. dino's the small new one.

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tattoo time! [08 May 2003|12:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

it has to be cursive words though.
please, please, please, please!

you up for it!?! PLEASE SAY YES!

also: after this next one - i'll be up and working again! wednesdays are my days.
as of now - there is a size limit .. . but hit me up!!!

(2 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

<3 [07 May 2003|12:00am]
[ mood | tired ]

i love you all.

(5 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

have i told ya, have i told ya? [06 May 2003|04:37pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

this is me venting about a jerk.

tim's decided to bug me again. i hate it when he does this.
he commented on my last post - trying to say i'm a slut and what not .. . you know - because you guys don't know me - and something he says might influence you? i don't know really .. .

anyway .. . isn't it so great when ex boyfriends come into the picture and try to screw with stuff? yeah, i love it, really.
especially since i'm nothing but there for him when he "needs" me.

kevin told me this would happen. needless to say, he was right. and i feel bad for him - because he tried to warn me. i'll know better next time.

(3 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

"shut up. you are not punk rock!" [05 May 2003|05:25pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

new hair

sorry - this is the best one i have. [it's only the lining]

(2 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

to mike, b rowe & chris: [04 May 2003|11:39pm]
thanks for visiting! i'm sorry we didn't get to hang out more .. . maybe next time!!

it was so great to see you guys! <3

(4 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

whenever i breathe out .. . [03 May 2003|01:32pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

so i don't really write in here as much anymore. i've been thinking of quitting. i don't see why not.

but for now .. . here goes:

the shop is fun. i love everyone there. there's another apprentice there now too. his name is marty - and i think he's great. we get along really really well.
i'm there everyday when i'm not at HT. i'm extrememly worn out - but it's alright. john, adrie, lily, adam & marty are such great people - and great friends.
i'm doing a tattoo on monday. i'm doing some cursive on kevin. i don't know what yet though. i didn't really have a choice of what it could be [that's why i didn't talk to you, caroline - but hopefully soon, really] i'm excited about actually having a machine in my hand again. it's been so long. marty and i will probably be doing a lot of cursive in the near future .. . for really cheap.too bad cursive isn't fun.
i'm going to be making a website for the shop soon - so people [such as marcie] get ready for me to ask some questions!!
john and i want to add on to my chest piece, around the top. we're also going to fill in the stars with pink. i have no idea of what to add though - any suggestions? [see photo below]

this week was pretty stressful for me. just a lot of little stupid things. i told anna part of it .. . but i've mostly been relying on the shop since it's my life now. they're great.

i bought a dresser this week. i don't know why i've been spending so much money .. .
but i think a dresser was a good investment, kevin and i had been sharing one before - and i have A LOT of clothes.

the tattoo convention is in two weeks.
MAY 9-11
1st Annual CHARLOTTE TATTOO EXPO Convention and Trade Show Hilton Charlotte University Place, Charlotte NC. Brought to you by Pirate Productions & Little John's Tattoos. Show info: 336-275-7161. E-mail: lj@littlejohnstattoo.com. Hotel info: (704) 547-7444.

this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!! i recomend anyone interested in tattoos get their butt here! especially on saturday!

ashley's current chest:

okay - maybe i'll update again soon .. .

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in his 49 ford [01 May 2003|11:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i have a new friend. his name is jonny[forever].
he's a tattoo artist.
he lives in california, but he's moving to nc tomorrow.
i'm so super duper excited about this!

(2 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

i'm a junkie [01 May 2003|05:00pm]
[ mood | excited ]

(if i may make so bold)

i love brianxunloved! [29 Apr 2003|04:06pm]
[ mood | tired ]

happy birthday, i miss you!
i wish i could be there to celebrate!

(4 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

SHOPPING [27 Apr 2003|11:35pm]
[ mood | content ]

kevin & i went shopping today .. . BIGTIME shopping!
kev got:
new steve maddens [SO HOT]
some L.E.I.s he'd wanted for a while
a vegitarian cook book - free!
i got:
a badz maru binder/folder for my portfolio [bad @$$] - on sale!!!
a hello kitty photo album - on sale!! from kevin
a filing thing for mail and stuff [to match kevins]
a swimsuit [or - half of one .. . we'll see]
we got:
2 new tattoo magazines - for free!

you can barely see badz

yey for gifts from kev!

i got these yesterday when i went shopping with adrie!

he looks SO good in them!

i have some that match!

we NEED it - we're unorganized!

free stuff!

(1 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

l o v e [27 Apr 2003|11:32am]
[ mood | loved ]

i love my baby so much!

he is the BEST!

i'm so in love.

(1 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

things that i don't like [26 Apr 2003|03:23pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

not being worth the time that others are.

not knowing the whole story. make that any of the stories.

hearing comments that i don't need to hear.

the past.

not being worth the freaking time.

having such a great life, with so many friends. i'm never home - because i'm always hanging out with friends and have stuff to do!
oh wait, no .. . i'm never here because i'm always working. but hey - it's worth the money, right? ha .. . as if i've used any on myself [other than my stupid car]

(4 whispered behind me | if i may make so bold)

THIS passion for fashion .. . [26 Apr 2003|02:18pm]
[ mood | sick ]

it's unstopable!

don't get too jealous.

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